Scarborough Praises Trump’s Corona Presser: What Medical Experts Were ‘Begging For’

‘That is actually the briefing the Intel community begged Donald Trump to give in January and February’


SCARBOROUGH: “That is a press briefing that health care providers and doctors and scientists begged, begged the White House to give two weeks ago, to tell Americans the truth. That is actually the briefing the intel community begged Donald Trump to give in January and February. They saw this coming even several weeks ago; doctors I know very well, scientists, health care professionals were saying, 'Mr. President, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 people could die from this virus if you don’t start moving. The president didn’t want to hear it. This is, after all, a president who talked about one person dying and one person from China, but we’ve got it taken care of, it will be zero. And then soon after that in February he was talking about, 'Oh, we have 14, 15 people who were infected but we’ve done such a good job, it’s going to go down to zero.' Then, of course, he said the media was overblowing it, that their coverage was a hoax of the pandemic, that it was going to go away. And then he said that it would go away in April, the Sun would come out, it would magically go away. And, Willie, yesterday we found out because the scientists and the doctors told the truth and the president finally let them tell the truth to the American people. And, again, what they said yesterday is what the president was urged to tell the American people two weeks ago. But now we go from the president blithely predicting this was going to go away in April when the Sun came out, the flowers would bloom and everybody would be fine, to us finally being told the truth, that April is, as Elliot said, April is the cruelest month and we can expect one hundred to 250,000 deaths in this country over the --"
BRZEZINSKI: "That would be --"
SCARBOROUGH: "-- next two, three weeks.”
BRZEZINSKI: "-- a good scenario."
SCARBOROUGH: "If, if we do everything right now. Since our response to this has been so delayed and so pathetic up until last week."

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