ObamaCare Sticker Shock Hits North Carolina

‘This is a 1950’s-style one size fits all ... system, and it doesn’t work’

Obamacare Causing Sticker Shock For North Carolinians (Washington Free Beacon)

Cancelled policies, soaring premiums, and website glitches are just a few of the many problems Obamacare has saddled on North Carolinians.

Tony Hyatt, owner of a landscaping business in North Carolina, says he is suffering from “sticker shock.” Hyatt and his wife’s premium has tripled from $311 a month to $963 a month.

The letter Hyatt received from his insurance company notifying him of his new policy rate also said his deductible will be increasing by $1000. Hyatt told WSOC that he was “super surprised” upon notification. He expected that his premium would increase, but not to such a high rate.

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