Joe Scarborough: Trump Lying About Coronavirus Testing Is Like Saying ‘Everything’s Going Perfect’ After Pearl Harbor

‘Per capita, we’re doing worse than anybody in the world in testing people’


SCARBOROUGH: “Because per capita, we’re doing worse than anybody in the world in testing people. The undertesting, actually, is still making this country fly blind. I know there is some good news, Abbott Labs, other people rushing tests out, 100,000 a week. Let’s hope that continues. We celebrate that, and we want that to continue. But the President doesn’t need to lie about this. Because when he does lie about testing being perfect, and continues to lie about it, well, that gives people a false sense of security in the middle of what he has called a war. That’s like saying, 'Oh, the Nazis, they’re not a threat. We’re doing great. Or the Japanese, yeah, they bombed Pearl Harbor, but everything is going perfect.' No, we have to continue to prepare Americans and let them know where we’re failing. And the United States government is still failing in testing. It’s ramping up, and that’s really good news, but the President doesn’t need to lie about how we’re doing at war."

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