Trump: If I Hadn’t Shut the Country Down, 2.2 Million People Could Have Died

‘Nobody more worried than me for the whole country’


TRUMP: “If we just kept the business as usual, didn’t do anything to stop it or impede it, could have been 2.2 million people could have died, 2.2 million people would have been between 1.6 they say and then they showed you the numbers, 1.6 and 2.2 million people, it could have been more than that. So that’s when you realize that what we did last week with the $2 trillion bill was very worth it. But if you get anywhere near a number like that, now we’re trying to keep, I say we want to do something where we have the least death and that’s what we’re doing. And the people in this country have been incredible with social distancing and everything else they’re doing. They’ve been incredible. I’m getting letters from people that have found my family again. You know, they were doing all sorts of things and now they are with their family in the home and not going out and a lot of things are happening and we’re getting a lot of letters. We found our family again. We found what life should be.SAo you know a lot of things are happening but no the people of our country have been incredible. This is in 151 countries as of this morning. I mean who would think of that? 151 countries. It’s all over the world and it’s a very sad thing. It’s a very vicious thing. But if we didn’t do anything, could have been 2.2 million people could have died. That’s a lot."

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