Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade: Trump Has ‘Been Working About 22 Hours a Day’

‘There’s already been 74,000 New Yorkers who have volunteered to help out’


KILMEADE: “Hi, everybody, welcome to this hour. In one hour the president will be joining us. He has been working about 22 hours a day. But, keep in mind, too, Louisiana saying hey, don’t forget about us. We are about up to maximum capacity now. And a lot of people are tracking back to Mardi Gras saying why did you have it? Because a lot of these problem in New Orleans, people go right back to the Mardi Gras when this virus hit. And the governor yesterday came back and said, 'Listen, we had one case at the time. We weren’t getting warnings that it was this bad.' But obviously spring break we are paying a price, guys and Mardi Gras we are paying a price for that. But we'll see. Things are going to get worse in New York for about a week, and then we might be the first municipality, the first region to get better."

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