CNN’s Zakaria: Trump’s Claim That Anybody Who Wants a Coronavirus Test Can Get One Is a ‘Cruel Hoax’

‘Access to tests remains much worse than in most advanced countries’


ZAKARIA: “The United States is on track to have the worst outbreak of coronavirus among wealthy countries largely because of the ineffectiveness of its government. This is the new face of American exceptionalism. The United States now has the most cases of COVID-19 anywhere in the world, outstripping China and Italy. The first line of defense against the disease is testing. On this key metric, the U.S. experience has been a fiasco. We started late using a faulty test, and never quite recovered. President Trump’s claim that anybody that wants a test can get a test has turned out to be a cruel hoax. Access to tests remains much worse than in most advanced countries. His assertion that the United States has tested more people than South Korea is essentially nonsense because it doesn’t take into account that South Korea has one-sixth of America’s population. Per capita, South Korea has done three times more testing than the United States as of Saturday. Italy, a country not known for the smooth workings of its government, has also tested three times as much per capita as the U.S.“

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