Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Donald Trump Is Refusing to Use the Full Powers’ to Attack This Crisis

‘Thank you to the governors out there who are stepping up’


JEAN-PIERRE: “One thing that we’re seeing right now in this moment, and we have seen it many times before, but now we’re talking about people’s lives an how deadly this situation is, is how inept and ill-equipped Donald Trump is as a you want. What we’re seeing is the lack of leadership from federal government, but then we see governors and mayors stepping up to fill the void. This is not how it should be, being this is where we are. Donald Trump is refusing to use the full powers of the federal government to attack this crisis, to deal with this crisis. This is a situation we’re in right now, so thank you to the governors who are stepping up and making these really hard decision on their own and not getting the help they need from the federal government.”

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