Jimmy Kimmel Asks Joe Biden if Trump Can Postpone Election Due to Coronavirus

‘Is it possible that Trump could postpone the election?’


KIMMEL: "Is it possible that Trump could postpone the presidential election?"
BIDEN: "No, he doesn’t have the authority to do that. Now, it’s possible that he may start a drumbeat saying it should be postponed. But Jon Meacham, who's become a friend, he's an historian, pointed out that we're in a position where we've had elections in the middle of Civil War, during the Civil War, and during World War I, World War II, what happened with the virus in 1917. We've never — democracy and dealing with this crisis have to be able to be done at the same time. What I think you're going to see more of, Jimmy, is I think you're going to see more of what Amy Klobuchar had been proposing, and that is being able to vote early in your areas and by mail. I think we're going to see more of that happening as well."

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