Tucker Rips Bill Ackman For Making Billions on Tanked Stocks After Saying ‘Hell Is Coming’ in an Interview

‘American will end as we know it, that scared the hell out of investors around the world’


CARLSON: “If you've been following Bill Ackman's career, that phrase might sound familiar. Several years ago, Ackman made a massive bet against a nutritional supplements company called Herbalife. Whatever you think of Herbalife, Ackman was hoping to tank the stock price and get rich from that. He shorted it. So he relentlessly talked down the stock in public. At one point Ackman claimed Herbalife shares could 'go to zero.' Again, familiar? That ploy failed, but Ackman simply upped the stakes. He did pretty much the same thing to our entire public markets. Ackman doesn’t seem embarrassed by this in the least, apparently he plans to keep his new billions. He hasn’t announced any plan to donate any of it to the Americans whose lives he just made worse. But that’s the kind of person Bill Ackman is. He’s an amoral greed head whose behavior adds nothing worth having to our country, it often hurts us. But that's not even the worst part. After all this, Ackman is still considered a sage by his peers and fawned over relentlessly by toadies in the business press.”

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