Trump: Democrats May Lose Both Houses Because of ObamaCare

‘It’s a disaster, and the Democrats are coming over because they have no choice’

TRUMP: “Well, she's got a tough job. I mean, she's trying to sell something that's not sellable. She’s having a very, very tough time up there. You can see that. It’s not easy for her, and it's a disaster, and the Democrats are coming over because they have no choice. They’re going to lose their elections. Twenty-fourteen three our four weeks ago was not looking good for the Republicans. Now I think it's probably looking great. They can take both Houses. And it's a shame that they have to do it on the backs of so many people that are being devastated. People are being devastated. They’re losing health plans and plans they thought were so fabulous, that they were so happy with, and they're being taken away or they're being charged double, triple, and quadruple, and it's a mess. It’s a really big mess. So when you see Nancy Pelosi just groveling up there, there is nothing much she can do. On the assumption she wants to try to defend this, which it's not defensible.”

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