‘Morning Joe’: Virus Will Kill More Americans Than Were Killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

‘So there’s the logic that the president has taken forward, and who’s being abandoned?’


SCARBOROUGH: "Well, I hear one doctor after another saying Florida’s going to be the next hot spot. Let’s show that image of the 'New York Post' again if we can, because can you imagine, Mika, more people are going to be dying of the Coronavirus in the United States by just multitudes than died on 9/11. Could you imagine if we required New York City cops and New York City firefighters to be fighting the fires and the death and destruction that day in garbage bags? The people that you are looking at on the front of the 'New York Post,' those are firefighters, those are police officers on 9/11, except they’re going to be working on a virus that will end up killing more Americans than were killed in Iraq, killed in Afghanistan, killed in the entire War on Terror. And while we’re talking about war, because the president brought this up, Mika, before surrendering, you know who we’re throwing away when Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore and Donald Trump and people for Catholic magazines are saying, 'You know what? People have to die.' There’s a story."

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