Scarborough: Donald, You Can’t Fudge This; You Can’t Negotiate with a Pandemic

‘Americans were promised this past weekend that we’re going to hear about great breakthroughs on testing this week’


SCARBOROUGH: “And this is science. I don’t know, maybe you didn’t take science at whatever school your daddy got you into. I don’t know. But this is just science. This is just data. Donald, you can’t fudge this. You can’t negotiate with a pandemic. You can’t have a patchwork approach to going to war. Americans are dying. They’re going to keep dying, and you’re wrecking the economy. You are wrecking the economy unless you start nationalizing the effort to get testing out to every American so we can see who’s healthy enough to go back to work, we can see who has the disease and who needs to be quarantined, and we can tell the difference between the two. We are flying blind because of you, Mr. President, and it comes down to testing, testing, testing. We’ve been telling you this for a month. We’re telling you this again. You’ve got to focus. You’ve got to save lives and you’ve got to save the economy, and right now you’re failing on all three points. Do a better job."

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