Kimmel on Trump Calling Mitt Romney a RINO: ‘Very Rich Coming From Our PINO’

‘I think I may have detected a note of sarcasm in there’


KIMMEL: “He also weighed in with on the news about his all-time favorite senator from Utah Mitt Romney testing negative for the Coronavirus at 7:36 a.m. this morning Trump wrote “This is really great news I am so happy I can barely speak." Yeah, well we’re happy about that too. "He may have been a terrible presidential candidate and even a worse US Senator but he is a RINO and I like him a lot.” Well, you know what I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I think I may have detected a note of sarcasm in there. RINO by the way R-I-N-O is not his usual misspelling. It stands for a Republican in name only which is very rich coming from our PINO.”

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