Dana Perino: I Think There Will Be Things in $2 Trillion Relief Bill That We Will Be Shocked By

‘Actually the goal is to try to keep people connected to their employers so that their employers do not lay them off’


PERINO: "Yes, I do think that we are. Bernie Sanders, for example, says the $500 billion is a corporate welfare fund. Actually, the goal is to try to keep people connected to their employers so that their employers do not lay them off. There is a $350 billion in there for small businesses. Again, same idea. Those types of things make a lot of sense. Now, when you try to add in things like mandatory corporate diversity for boards or all the other little goodies that they wanted to put in this bill, that’s Washington at its worst. It does not meet the moment. And I do think there will be things in this bill that you think, 'That stinks. Why did we do that?' It’s $2 trillion, Tucker. I don’t think I could’ve actually said $2 trillion with a straight face just a month ago. It was unheard of. And now it feels like that might not even be enough."

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