Dr. Oz Jests at ‘Dr. Hannity’ For Peppering Him with Science Papers

‘We don’t know for sure until we do the double-blind study’


OZ: “As a governor told me yesterday on the show, when you March into battle, you March with the army you have. It’s what we have to go with. I’ve kicked the tires. I’ve interviewed the physician who did the French study. I spoke to colleagues of mine in China about what they are doing and they do have clinical trials. They have a big experience with Coronavirus. These are anecdotal reports but there is meaningful — they seem to add up to the general idea that if you give hydroxychloroquine early in the course of an illness, it seems to have an impact. We don’t know for sure until we do the double-blind study. It’s interestingly in New York this studies starting. The governor just today said you’re not allowed to get the drug unless either you have an existing condition that the fda approves all ready for it. For example, rheumatoid arthritis or Malaria, or if you’re part of a clinical trial. It’s a way to push people into clinical trials. The other idea is the plasma idea. Behind C should know, — behind the scenes, hannity me with papers. Spanish influenza, the one treatment, they would take blood from people who survived and give it to people were dying and it seemed to work. We are doing that now, started in New York.”

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