Biden: Green New Deal Could Come in Next Round of Coronavirus Relief

‘We’re going to need new infrastructure going down the road here’


BIDEN: "Thirdly, we're gonna have an opportunity, I believe in the next round here, to use the — my green economy — my green deal to be able to generate both economic ground and consistent with the kind of infusion of money as we need into the system to keep it going. One of the ways to make sure these jobs are available, that may get lost or hurt in the meantime, is to provide the kind of jobs that are prevailing wages where people are making $45, $50 an hour plus benefits by building new infrastructure. We're gonna need new infrastructure going down the road here and it's a way to generate economic growth. That's going to be, I think, the next round that we have to be looking at."      

(Via the Washington Free Beacon)

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