Fox News: Gov. Cuomo Says Outbreak in New York Might Be Slowing a Bit, California Reports Fewer New Cases Today

‘He believes social distancing is the reason for the slow down’


GALLAGHER: “To piggyback on what Dr. Siegel was saying, in New York governor Andrew Cuomo says the spread in his state which is the epicenter might be slowing a bit. He believes social distancing is the reason for the slow down, and he believes that should continue. It’s interesting because over the past two days, the number of new cases in New York appears to be very consistent, about 5,000 per day with a total that you see there are more than 30,000. So far today, covid-19 has claimed fewer lives in New York than it did yesterday, with the overall death toll and now at 285. President Trump says more ventilators are in route to New York. Watch.”

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