Lemire: Trump’s Thinking About His Re-Election Far More than About Public Health

‘For weeks he was not taking this nearly seriously enough’


LEMIRE: “That’s — that’s what we’re heading towards, certain areas, big coastal cities, New York, Los Angeles, parts of the Bay Area, Washington, Seattle, Washington State, will be still isolated. New York at least for the time being with the strictest measures. And they want the rest of the country, at least portions of it, to start coming back. They made that calculation. There's no question, in fact, just a few minutes ago, the President tweeted and said that he believes that it is just the media who was calling for the country to remain shuttered because they’re hoping to damage his re-election hopes. There you have it. He spelled it out for us. His attempts at the being re-elected, his interest at being re-elected is fueling a lot of these decisions right now. It's about politics far more than public health."

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