Ron Klain: We’re Not Seeing Organization and Leadership from the White House

‘He’s not going to be the one who decides when the country reopens’


KLAIN: “And so New York got this first, New York is maybe a week ahead of other major cities in the country, but in the White House, just taking a very piecemeal approach. Yesterday, it's a travel order about New York. I don’t know what it will be tomorrow or the day after that. There is no comprehensive strategy. No plan to track this as a nation. And again, Dr. Roy said, what we really need is we need the President to do something we did do during the Ebola response, which is to take control of the supply chain and to get the gowns and the masks and the face masks to where they need to be. So turning this over to kind of just laissez-faire, each hospital on its own, each state on its own, is not working, it's not going to work, it's going to result in there being too few things where they need to be, perhaps extra things where they don’t need to be. This is a time for organization and leadership, we’re not seeing that from the White House."

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