Gillibrand: ‘Absurd’ Trump Is Not Fully Understanding the Depth of Coronavirus Crisis

‘This is a time we should be on war footing’


GILLIBRAND: “This is a time we should be on war footing. This is a time everyone in the country has to sacrifice to do everything necessary to defeat COVID-19. This is the common response we can all make. And this money we’re sending to have help for health care and money in people’s pockets will help us fight the virus, will help fight this epidemic. President Trump is not being realistic, and he’s really, I think, being absurd. This will take a long time. All states will be affected. If we do it right, if we increase testing so everybody can get a drive-through test or test at their community health center, we’ll know what we’re up against, and we’ll have the right response to meet that need.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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