Gov. Cuomo: ‘You Can’t Sacrifice Human Life to Get the Stock Market Up’

‘There is no dollar figure on human life in this country, and there never should be’


CUOMO: "We have to be smarter about it. You can't sacrifice human life to get the stock market up. I don't — that is a repugnant concept. Can you come up with a public health strategy that gets people back to work, younger people, recovered people and starts the economy going? Yes. But that's the refinement. There are people who can go back to work. Younger people can go. People who are resolved can go back to work. But don't ask the American people to choose and say, 'well, the people who are going to pass away from this virus, they were old anyway, they were vulnerable anyway. We're just going to leave them aside.' There is no dollar figure on human life in this country and there never should be."

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