David French: ‘Absurd To Watch’ People Praising Trump Incessantly During COVID-19 Briefings

‘His misstatements about the threat were inexcusable’

TODD: "David French, I want to get you to react to something in this morning’s “New York Times” for some. Mr. Trump’s performance has put on display the traits Democrats and some Republicans consider so jarring. The profound need for praise, the lack of human emathy, the penchant for rewriting history, the distortion of facts, the impatience with scrutiny. For years, skeptics were critical of how he would handle a crisis facing the nation, and now they know. Pretty harsh."
FRENCH: "Harsh and deserved early in this crisis. His misstatements about the threat were inexcusable. Testing delays were appalling, but a lot of us, I think, were rightly encouraged over the last few days that his tone has changed. You still have this pattern where people are praising him incessantly as they give these briefings which is just absurd to watch, but the tone has changed. At the end of the day, his response and his leadership is going to be judged by how all of this plays out. It’s a sad fact of American history that we often confront crises with early bungling and early bumbling. That’s a pattern throughout American history. We’re going to be judged ultimately on how we respond over the full course of this."

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