NBC Medical Correspondent: ‘I Am Frightened That the Hospitals Across the Country Will Be Running Out of Supplies’

‘I am frightened that the hospitals across the country will be running out of supplies’


CAMPBELL: “I am frightened that the hospitals across the country will be running out of supplies, overrun with patients that are testing positive to Coronavirus, COVID-19 disease, and that we will be running short of ventilators, and perhaps most importantly, the personnel that will be required to treat the patients that are sick, the healthcare workers will themselves become infected periodically and then they’ll need to stay away from other patients, or they will get sick enough to stay in a hospital bed. So we have this conundrum that is going to make us look like Italy if we don’t, all across the country, socially distance, and if there is even time to do that. But it is better to do that than not. So I’m quite concerned, Mika, that in the next two to four weeks, we will be having different discussions.”

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