Dan Bongino: It’s Not Racist to Say ‘China Coronavirus,’ ‘China Isn’t a Race, It’s a Country’

‘This has nothing to do with the Chinese people’

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HANNITY: “One is Donald Trump. I will think anybody more than him, probably Newt Gingrich second. Unfair trade practices. Intellectual property theft. A $220 billion trade deal with China helping our farmers manufacturers, auto industry, energy industry, service industry. And then, they could have had the world’s greatest scientists. All they had to do was ask. Everybody would have said boom. Their best people into. I say they throw out their journalists.”

BONGINO: “Yeah, the biggest mistake was that their entrance into the wto and the increase in global commerce was going to make them wealthier. Making them wealthier. We haven’t seen that. What we’ve seen is the world’s largest surveillance state and really a growing tyrannical state at this point. Let me say on this China efforts to dictate the narrative and how we discuss the Chinese Coronavirus, the Wuhan virus. China is not a race. It’s a country. This has nothing to do with the Chinese people. Nothing. They are not telling us how to do this. This is an effort by a totalitarian regime. Their bots to dictate how the American people speak about this. We are not going to do it. The effort is being led by the president. What is surprising. It is not surprising the Chinese did this. What is surprising is how many useful idiots in the media right here in this country are actually playing along with China’s attempt to manipulate the liberal left’s love affair with Identity Politics. It’s really unbelievable the suckers they are for playing along with this.”

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