NY Gov. Cuomo: Coronavirus ‘Has Triggered a Recession’

‘You’re going to have mortgages foreclosed like 2008’


CUOMO: “Add up all the costs, add up all the businesses closed, all the people who are going to be unemployed. The economy was teetering to begin with. They were talking about when the recession was going to start. I believe this has triggered a recession. I believe the bill and the bailout is going to be the second big federal episode here. You’re going to have mortgages foreclosed like 2008. You’re going to have business loans that you’re going to have to repay. … This is a deep, deep economic hole. You’ll have businesses close that never re-open, Chris, and you’ll have billions of dollars, not just in loss, but billions of dollars spent in getting ready for everything that we have to do.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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