‘Morning Joe’: The White House Is Ill-Prepared About Coronavirus

‘The White House is ill-prepared about this, though it was the president who set up the policy’


SCARBOROUGH: "So there is a health care crisis, actually, Katy, in Chicago O’Hare. There are health care crises at all these airports where people are jam-packed in for three, four, five hours at a time."
BRZEZINSKI: "40,000."
SCARBOROUGH: “40,000 people. Health care crisis. The White House is completely ill-prepared for this, even though it was the President who set up this policy and they had to know this was coming. And these people are forced to do exactly what Dr. Fauci and the entire scientific and medical team has been saying now for weeks. And the White House has a staffer call, yelling about a tweet to a governor whose own people had to be exposed to the pandemic, standing in those contained spaces, jam-packed for four hours? And the White House is worried about a tweet.”

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