AOC on the Coronavirus: ‘The More Wealthy and Powerful You Are,’ the Better Access You Have to Tests

‘It’s going to be a lot more difficult to access health care’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I think the President is going to have to accept the fact that we're fighting for people who are going to be potentially unemployed, he’s going to have to accept the fact that we're going to push on doctor and nurse protections. But also, when you look at the best health care system in the world, that’s something that’s up for debate. South Korea has up to 10,000 tests per day, they have been able to provide tests to any single person that wants it and here, people are scrambling. And it almost seems like the more wealthy and powerful you are, the more able you are to access a test, but the more — the rougher road you got here, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for you to access health care. That's exactly the recipe for disaster in a pandemic."

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