Jeff Weaver: Bernie Sanders Is a Much Stronger Electoral Candidate than Joe Biden Is

‘He’s overwhelmingly supported by Latino voters across this country’


WEAVER: “We're doing very well with Latino voters, we have Arizona coming up. And then we'll go into The Acela Primary, you know, New York, Pennsylvania and so on and so forth. Bernie Sanders has strength there. So, you know, I think we will do this on a week-by-week basis, obviously. But it’s very important, again, as I said earlier, we do have this crisis going on in the country right now, a global crisis, and it’s important there’s a voice out there who is unabashedly standing up for working class people and articulating a message that will protect those people during this particular time. The other side of that, Andrea, also, in all honesty, and not taking anything away from Joe Biden, but our view certainly is and has been, continues to be, that Bernie Sanders is a much stronger general election candidate against Donald Trump than Joe Biden is."

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