Trump: I’m Very Happy to Run against Biden, One of the Reasons I Ran for President Was Because of the Job Biden Did

‘Don’t forget one of the reasons I ran for president is because of Joe and the job they did’

TRUMP: "Yeah, I’m happy. Whoever it is. I hope they make their choice soon. I thought it was going to be — everybody thought it was going to be Bernie. And I have said Elizabeth Warren, if she waited for — you know, she waited that extra three days, four days, and Super Tuesday was a disaster, he would have won every one of those states or almost — I think almost every one of those states, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas. You take a look at the states that were very close, and many of her — I would say most of her — I would almost say all of hers, but many of her votes would have gone to him. So had she left prior to Super Tuesday, which was just a few days, he would have right now been declared virtually the winner. It would have been over. But now we have Joe, and I’m very happy to run against Joe. Don’t forget, one of the reasons I ran for president is because of Joe and the job they did. So it’s one of the reasons. So, in a way it’s — you know, it’s maybe the way it should be. But it looks to me like it would be — Biden would win."

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