Fox News: NBA Suspends Season Over Coronavirus After Utah Jazz Player Tests Positive

‘NBA is now suspending the season because of the coronavirus’


GALLAGHER: "I just want to continue with the breaking news here. The NBA is now suspending the season because of Coronavirus, following tonight’s game, and this comes, I’m quoting here, NBA announced that a player on the Utah Jazz has preliminary tested positive for COVID-19, Coronavirus, the test result was reported shortly prior to the tip-off of tonight’s game between the Jazz and Oklahoma City. We had heard earlier that the Oklahoma City game was canceled, and the NBA wouldn’t give us any explanation as to why it was canceled. They just cut the game off. Well, now we know that one of the jazz players has preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19. It goes on to say the Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena at that time, tonight’s game was canceled. The affected player was not in the arena at the time. The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice. So it’s unclear if they are cancelling the season or until further notice. The NBA has about 12, 13, 14 games left in the season. The playoffs could be lengthy. It goes all the way until June, late June, mid-June, so we’re talking about several months. The question now becomes, is the rest of the season canceled? Are they just going to take a break for two weeks or?” 

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