Scalise: Media Doesn’t Want to Report Enthusiasm for Trump Because They Know There’s None for Biden

‘President Trump broke the record in New Hampshire for the most votes’


SCALISE: “The Biden event in new Hampshire. I went to the Trump rally with the president. You had tremendous enthusiasm, more than 50,000 people that tried to get tickets in new Hampshire. And 11,500 people could fit in the arena. The enthusiasm in the arena was off the charts but on the streets we saw it, too. I would go to the primary locations. Don Trump Jr. Out there and the other family members. Ivanka was there. You would go and there would be maybe a large group of Trump people. When you look at the Democrats, all the candidates included there were more Trump people than all the other candidates included. And then President Trump broke the record in New Hampshire for the most votes. Double the number that Obama set. That is the previous record for the sitting president. The media doesn’t want to report the enthusiasm because they know there is no enthusiasm on the side of Joe Biden. Reince Priebus is correct. They got him out there because they thought he would walk away with it. He wasn’t. You saw the other people coming in.”

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