Xochitl Hinojosa on Warren: ‘Deeply Troubling’ that Trump’s Fueling Sexism

‘What is deeply troubling as Donald Trump just said Elizabeth Warren wasn’t likable enough and lacked talent’


HINOJOSA: "Elizabeth Warren and all the women paved the road for other women to run. Now this field shows you that running for office and running for president and a woman running for president is now the norm. Look at our first debate. All the women on the stage. Do women face barriers compared to men? Absolutely. And what is deeply troubling is Donald Trump just said Elizabeth Warren wasn’t likable enough and that she lacked talent. Women all across the workplace, and I think you can agree with me too, face that discrimination all the time. And for the president of the united States to fuel the sexism is deeply troubling. And do I think there are a lot of women out there who are disappointed and want to see a woman president? Absolutely. I worked for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2016. But these women paved the way to make sure that the Democrats put a woman in the White House eventually."

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