Mark Steyn: ‘Warren Passed Herself Off as Harvard Law School’s First Woman of Color, and Nobody Called Her on It’

‘That in itself is an example of how identity politics has deranged of the American left’


STEYN: “Well, the media are pure for you can’t criticize that. Some easily triggered pajama boy is sitting there, oh, tucker and mark steyn were taking the transgender pick for cabinet secretary seriously. The fact that she was a substantial person in the ‘90s, with this very biographical thing and that she had pretended to be something other than who she is. So she had done all this rubbish, like submitting the duke of Windsor’s favorite crab recipe to the powwow child, cherokee cookbook. That in itself is an example of how identity politics has deranged of the American left. This person actually passed herself off as Harvard law school’s first woman of color, and nobody called her on it, and so obviously, in such a world, if you then say, Harvard law school’s first woman of color is going to have the first 9-year-old transgender of color pick out her cabinet, why would you take issue with that? The left has so advanced down these competing cul-de-sacs of identity politics, they can’t actually have a substantive debate on who actually should be president. To the point now where they have got a guy where there is no there, they are. His brain has gone off and retired to the Bahamas, and they have a cardboard cutout of Bernie Sanders from 1977 running for president. That is the ultimate identity politics — there is no identity. Identity has flown, and the dead husk is all that’s left.”

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