MSNBC Panel: Dems Now Have ‘Two Older White Men to Choose From’

‘Now as she drops out of the race, voters only have two older white men to choose from’


VITALI: “This really does bookend her campaign because this is where and how she started her campaign back last year, 14 months ago. She stood on this street corner and announced that she was going to be a candidate. Now today, she drops out of the race. I think I’ve been seeing on Twitter and many of the people here can’t help but remark on the fact that she was the last woman standing in this race. She was the person really to blunt the rise of Michael Bloomberg with that barrage of attacks that she launched against him on the debate stage. And now, as she drops out of the race, voters only have two men to choose from, two older white men to choose from.”
MITCHELL: “Let’s talk about that. Anne Gearan, we’ve covered politics together for a long time. The White House, the State Department with the first women who were secretaries of state, you were in the Pentagon before that. Talk about an all-male bastion.”

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