Soltis Anderson: Biden Can Sustain This Comeback Because Dem Voters Like Him

‘Joe Biden always enjoyed very strong favorables among Democratic voters’


SOLTIS ANDERSON: "Absolutely. And one thing to keep in mind that I think has really fueled Biden’s comeback is the fact that even at points in time where lots of Democrats were shopping around, choosing other candidates like a Klobuchar or a Mayor Pete, Joe Biden always enjoyed very strong favorables among Democratic voters. Even if they were choosing someone else, they still liked Joe Biden an awful lot. Which is not, for instance what you see with someone like Mike Bloomberg where Democratic voters, when you look at the favorable/unfavorable numbers that the pollsters like to look at, has not been doing as well. So I think Joe Biden, he is going to be able to sustain this comeback, I think in part because Democratic voters like him. Even if he wasn’t their first choice, they still think he's a good guy."

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