‘Morning Joe’ Gushes Over Chris Matthews: ‘Beloved Figure,’ ‘Political Institution’ That ‘Defined Our Political Times’

‘I loved working with Chris Matthews’


SCARBOROUGH: "What a moving, moving night last night. And when Steve Kornacki called Chris Matthews the most human TV personality he had ever known, Steve, of course, said that was meant as his highest compliment. And it should have been. You know, Chris didn’t measure his words. He was a man without guile. You knew what Chris believed and why he believed it. He was a former Capitol Hill cop who always wore his heart on his sleeve, and through the years it occasionally got Tip’s favorite guy, Tip’s go-to guy in trouble. But you know what? It also made Chris Matthews a beloved figure and made his show 'Hardball' a political institution that I think, more than any other show over the past quarter century, defined our political times. All too human? Yeah. I guess so, but those of us still playing or reporting on the hardball of politics could stand a bit more of this humanity these days. Even if it sometimes reveals our flaws, exposes our weaknesses and, yes, even shows our blind spots. Chris gave us his all every night, and that’s why we were wiping tears from our eyes last night and why we’re going to miss him terribly tonight, and every night when 7:00 rolls around. Thank you, Chris, for all you’ve done.”

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