Jonathan Lemire: Biden Made ‘Innocent Mistake’ Referring to ‘Super Thursday,’ He’s Staged a ‘Remarkable Comeback’

‘Innocent mistake the vice president quickly cleaned up’


LEMIRE: “From the rally stage last night, he took shots at all of the major candidates, Joe Biden in particular, where he suggested that Biden was sort of feeble-minded, had made a number of mistakes lately in terms of places and what state he was in and what date, even suggesting a clip going around that Biden was talking about Super Thursday rather than Super Tuesday. Innocent mistake that the Vice President quickly cleaned up, but the President has been pointing to the idea that Joe Biden was not up for the job. He made fun of Mike Bloomberg for all the money he has spent with very little results. He's once again used the Native American racial slur Pocahontas to describe Elizabeth Warren and so on. But it's the Biden thing that's at the heart of this where, as Joe pointed out correctly, it was his fears of Joe Biden and Biden’s ability to win away some of those Upper Midwest voters, those white working class voters who may have backed Barack Obama in 2008 or 2012, but then supported Donald Trump in 2016, the President is banking on  again. And he fears, and people around him fear, that Biden, of the Democratic candidates, has the best chance to steal away. And it was his fear about that that led him to be indeed impeached. And we’re seeing suddenly now, as Biden has staged this remarkable comeback in the last few days, the president is focusing on that again and his aides are previewing that once more we’ll start hearing things about Hunter Biden and Ukraine, inappropriate behavior, as he ramps up the attacks suddenly thinking that Biden might, in fact, emerge, if not in favor coming out today, certainly as a co-favorite narrowing it to a two-person race with Bernie Sanders."

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