Dan Crenshaw: ‘Really Sad’ that Dems Became Less Proud of the Country When Trump Was Elected

‘We should have some gratitude for how great our country is doing’


CRENSHAW: “You know, when you look at those polls and you dig into them, what you notice is that Democrats still rank very, very low. Right? They still believe the crisis narrative, the doomsday narrative that Donald Trump is doing everything wrong. There is other polls, also done by Gallup, that show that Democrats, as soon as Donald Trump gets elected, start being less proud of their country. You see Republicans over time averaging about the same, no matter who is president. But when Donald Trump becomes president. Democrats tend to be less proud of their country, like there is a sharp drop. So what does this tell you? It tells you that Democrats voters believe what their politicians are telling them, that everything is in crisis, that the only way to save America is through some socialist revolution. It’s really sad. We should have some gratitude for how great our country is doing. We should feel like we are doing well because we are doing well. And the only way to win an election for these people is to sell people on this revolution. It's sad."

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