Amy Klobuchar Calls for Allowing Former Felons to Vote

‘They should have their rights restored’


KLOBUCHAR: “Criminal justice reform, the fact that right now we have a movement going on across the country where we realize that when people get out of prison, they then should have their rights restored and they should be able to vote. When you have states like Florida voting to do that, even though they screwed up the implementation, that should mean something to us, that something's afoot. The fact that we were able to pass the First Step Act, which of course is only the first step act to reduce felony sentences on the federal level for nonviolent offenders, well, we should be doing the same thing for the 90 percent of people that are incarcerated in the state and local jails. And yes, I'm a former prosecutor, that was a job I did before I got to the Senate, and I think actually having someone that knows the system, the bad parts, the good parts, what needs to be changed, which is everything from the way we handle grand juries to eyewitness identifications, I think that makes a difference.”

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