Tucker: CNN Warning Against Russian Memes and Fat-Shaming Trump Degrade Public Conversation

‘This is what they talk about for three years running’


CARLSON: “Giving Alaska back to the Russians. He loves the Russians. Yesterday CNN wrote an entire piece predicting the president would be shocked that he can’t eat steak and burgers while in India. So absurd. Not only absurd, but bad for the country over time. CNN has dozens of anchors on highly abated experts and analysts and smart people that work there. This is what they talk about for three years running. What does that tell you a question mark it tells you they cannot be trusted with positions of public trust. And in a crisis that matters. These people ought to resign today because it actually is degrading our public conversation. It is making us dumber and blinding us to what the real threats are. It is obvious to the rest of the world but not obvious to us in part because the media is so stupid and so far off that they can’t see how the world has changed.”

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