Tucker Blasts Mulvaney: Why Is Someone ‘Trying to Undermine’ Trump Agenda Running His W.H.?

‘That shouldn’t surprise you, Mulvaney despises Donald Trump’


CARLSON: “Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney complained to a private audience at a speech in the U.K. That the Trump ministrations immigration slow down has been a Disaster. According to Mulvaney, America is “Desperate, desperate for more people. We are running out of people to feel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.” Everything about that statement is dishonest and stupid. For one thing, Americans don’t want more immigration. A lot of pulling on it. 2018, a Harvard Harris poll found that 81% of American voters support curbing immigration levels. In a democracy, public opinion should matter. But even more basically, America isn’t running out of people. Far from it. Ask anyone who tried to drive to work in one of our major cities. America is a crowded country and that is bad, that’s why rent is so high for example. Official employment rains an accurate story on our labor market but as of tonight, there are 40 million American men over the age of 16 were out of work. Two and a half-million say they want a job but can’t find one. More than 7 million of them have left the labor force despite being in their prime working years, 25-54. Some of them are just discouraged, some of them are addicted to drugs, video games, social welfare checks posing as disability.”

(Via Mediaite)

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