Doug Collins Tells Fox Business He’s Not Interested in Becoming Trump’s Director of National Intelligence

‘It’s a amazing to have the president think that much of you, to mention my name among others to be this position’


COLLINS: "Wow. You know, it is humbling. It’s amazing to have the President think that much of you, to mention my name among others to be in this position. But let me just tell you right now, I know the problems in our intelligence community, but this is not a job they that would interest me, at this time it's not one that I would accept because I’m running a Senate race in Georgia in which, you know, everybody knows I’m a supporter of the president, they know how much I've supported the President through these sham impeachments and everything else. But I’m running against a senator who was just newly appointed, who decided to support the President three weeks before she got the appointment. And also the polling down here shows that we have a candidate that could actually put this seat jeopardy because of the flaws that she has. So, look, I'm very humbled by this president. I’m a supporter of this president. I’ll continue to fight for this president in the House this year and we'll be in the Senate next year because this intelligence community has to get right and I’m sure the President will pick somebody appropriate for that job."

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