Scarborough on Dem Debate: ‘Nobody Laid a Glove on’ Trump — ‘Too Busy Tearing Each Other to Shreds’

‘They were too busy tearing each other to shreds in an intermural ping-pong game’


SCARBOROUGH: “Get off scot-free. I thought the two big winners last night were Bernie, because he’s on his way to locking up this nomination if things keep going the way they are, and Donald Trump —“
SCARBOROUGH: “— who nobody laid a glove on him. They were too busy tearing each other to shreds and an intermural ping-pong game. So Donny, I’m always surprised when people show up on the national stage when they know what questions are coming at them, and they’re just woefully ill-prepared. I’m doubly surprised that Mike Bloomberg, who had to know the questions about the — the NDAs, the questions about the women, the questions about stop-and-frisk, the questions about his money, he had to know they were all coming. He did horribly the first hour, almost hour and a half. I think he had his first good answer, passable answer 70 minutes in, when he talked about climate change. How do you show up after investing that much money and not have a 60-second answer ready on these attacks you know are coming.”

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