MSNBC Says Gender Is the Reason Why Warren, Klobuchar Lack Support

‘It did matter in that Klobuchar, speaking of gender, did not get the attention that a person of her qualifications really deserve’


PALMIERI: "And yeah, I think — I think there’s — it’s really interesting why did that happen to Elizabeth Warren? I do think her gender had a lot to — there’s a lot to unpack with how she ended up being treated."

MITCHELL: "That goes back to your book."

PALMIERI: "Yes. And another one that I've written because there’s — there’s still a lot of questions about that. I know she has a chance to shine tonight. She’s good on the debate stage. She’s trying to be the progressive that can unify the party. And then Klobuchar and Pete are going to try to make their arguments about why they’re America’s last best hope. I feel like we’re just on a trajectory of Bernie versus Bloomberg. It’s almost as if the first year of the Democratic primary didn’t even happen."

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