Charlie Munger: ‘I’d Rather Have a Republican’ over Hillary in 2016

On politicians generally, Munger said ‘they’re all flawed’

MALTER: “Is there a dream candidate? Someone that hasn’t announced that you would like to see run?”
MUNGER: “I don’t have any dream candidate. I don’t think — I think it’s rare that there is a dream candidate in politics.”
MALTER: “Right.”
MUNGER: “They are all flawed on both parties.”
MALTER: “Speaking of both parties, it seems that a lot of people are assuming that it is Hillary Clinton’s race to lose on the Democratic side, and maybe for the whole general election. Would you feel comfortable if she were to be elected president next year?”
MUNGER: “Well, I’ll adjust. Comfortably, I’d rather have a Republican.”
MALTER: “What would you need to do to adjust?”
MUNGER: “Well, I will adjust because I have to and I will just adjust.”
MALTER: “When you look at Washington even if you are not necessarily rooting for a specific candidate, what do you think are the biggest problems in Washington right now? Because I think a lot of business leaders and a lot of average Americans think that Washington is a significant —“
MUNGER: “I liked it better when it was more bipartisan place. You got to remember that I lived through the era when we did the Cold War as a bipartisan activity, and Republicans and Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder. So I liked that better. I don’t like this extreme partisanship we have now.”

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