Heritage’s Mike Howell: The Left’s Support for Open Borders Has Never Been More Clear

‘In place with all has gone up, it has been very effective’


HOWELL: "Lots to unpack there. More things than in a Cheesecake Factory menu. But I'll tell you that it's been a long strategy of the left to get more illegal aliens in this country and more immigration generally so they can get more votes. What is new they’ve never been this upfront about their want for open borders. We talk about Obama being the deporter in chief, that is not accurate. What he basically did, was turn people away at the border while interior removals went down. You weren’t really getting removed from the interior if you were an illegal alien under Obama. He allowed the problem to fester, to grow, and working in collusion with the sanctuary cities, cements some of the most awful problems in this country."

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