Jim Messina: The Economy ‘Is Not Great’ for the Swing Voters

‘Their economy is kind of slid in the past five years’


MESSINA: "Well, a couple of things. Swing voters, these Trump/Obama voters who decide these elections, their economy is not great. They have an average of two-and-a-half jobs, they don't have stocks. You know, their economy is kind of slid in the past five years. And, remember, the economy is growing faster with Barack Obama than it is with Donald Trump. But, Poppy, Democrats have to have an economic message that makes sense and they have to go right at the economy and talk about it. And I think we’ll get there in the general election and it is one of the appeals of Michael Bloomberg because if you look at the majority of his ads, there is straight economy and Democrats are starting to respond to that. Because we know the Democrats win presidential elections when we talk about the economy."

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