NYT’s Peters: People at Bloomberg Rallies Don’t Think Biden or Sanders Can Beat Trump

‘Their primary objective selecting a candidate is can this person beat Trump’


PETERS: "And the President has already been using some of the same lines of attacks that Bloomberg’s Democratic rivals have, basically calling him a racist for these stop-and-frisk policing policies that Bloomberg has since apologized for. I think the trick, and one thing that I really observed as I traveled with Bloomberg over the last couple of days, is his apology is either going to be sufficient or it is not. I heard a lot of people, African-American voters, who were willing to accept that at face value. These were people at a Bloomberg rally, granted, so they’re curious, they're inclined, at least willing to consider voting for him. But their primary objective here in selecting a candidate is can this person beat Trump. They don’t think Bernie can do that, and they don’t think Biden can do it because anymore of how his candidacy has cratered. So I think that explains a lot of the curiosity in Bloomberg right now."

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