Conway: Bloomberg’s Sexist Comments About Women Are ‘Fair Game’

‘It should be an issue here and now, today’


WALLACE: "Bloomberg’s history of sexist comments, about women who work for him at his company. Can — will President Trump, if it’s a Bloomberg-Trump race, will he be able to make an issue of that given President Trump’s own long history of sexist comments?"
CONWAY: "It should be an issue here and now, today. You don’t have to wait for an election to be offended by the fact that Michael Bloomberg according to other Bloomberg employees said to a woman who announced she was pregnant, she’s been congratulated by her coworkers, since arch are to kill it? This is a woman who relied upon her employment, relied upon by the Bloomberg form permanent and her fraternity benefits as she’s found out the good news. The comments he’s made about women — I mean, “The Washington Post” had to believe out some of the actual words. The comment is made about women in lawsuits, that is all fair game. And it’s fair game because we want to know the person behind the half a billion dollars worth of ads —"
>> Chris: For President Trump when he’s made sexist comments too?
>> Kellyanne: Please, I’ve been working by his eye for four years. Is the best I’ve ever had.
>> Chris: There are plenty women who would say the same thing about Michael Bloomberg.
>> Kellyanne: They can come forward.
>> Chris: Is this worse than the access Hollywood tapes?
>> Kellyanne: It’s far worse. Oh, my goodness, it’s far worse by the way, that was fully litigated. That Happe in October of October ‘17. 17 purity >> Chris: That doesn’t mean it’s not issue. Speed if you’re going to do that — I will take that on any time, I will take a leave of absence from my house and talk all day long about that stuff. Let me tell you something. If the way Blumer tweeted Dominic treated employees, under his wing, relying on him for their livelihood, for their health benefits for their 401(k), to have created that kind decorative culture, that unsafe workplace, to feel that you’re being harassed because of her gender. That is problematic and I think you’re going to hear more of it. The other thing is, I don’t understand how the democratic Party is going to sit back and take it. Is it really worth it to th Democratic Party in the age of the #metoo movement, black lives matter, you have the first African-American president, you have completely squeezed out and spat out the candidates of color this time, Cory booker. Julian Castro, kamala Harris. They are out of the race. If you’re left with a bunch of white people, old white people at that with the exception of her next guest, mayor buttigieg, and you’re going to go backwards because Michael Bloomberg will spend money and will consult Donald Trump? That’s why the burn of voters are not going to take that. I predict. We’ll keep winning contests. He’s like President Trump in that he’s got a committed base of loyal voters who aren’t going to go elsewhere.
>> Chris: Thank you very much.
>> Kellyanne: Voters care about what affects them —
>> Chris: I’m sure that we to hear them.
>> Kellyanne: Voters talk about what offends them, but they vote on what affects them. They have a big decision to make. If you want to elevate somebody who has treated people that are less than him, people of color and women, that’s a big decision to become a serious consequence in 2020 when our country has such great products. This president has —
>> Chris: We are done. Timeout.
>> Kellyanne: Out of jugs and out of prison —
>> Chris: Always good to talk with you. Wish you could talk to the commercial.
>> Kellyanne: I’ll be back.

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