Sen. Warren: Green New Deal ‘Doesn’t Go Far Enough,’ Also Need a ‘Blue New Deal’

‘We have to have a blue New Deal to save our oceans as well’


WARREN: “I am going to increase by tenfold the money we put into science, basic science, applied science, every part of this. We have to innovate out of this problem. And also right at the core has to be environmental justice. For decades in this country, this nation has permitted toxic waste dumps, polluting factories, to be located in or next to communities of color. It has damaged the health of children who live in those communities. It has destroyed property values. I am committing $1 trillion to environmental justice. It has to be a part of what we do.
(Cheering and Applause)
There is a whole lot more on, but I have to mention more. I am all for a Green New Deal, but it is not enough. We have to have a Blue New Deal to save our oceans as well. That is what you have to do."

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